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Course Overview: This three-day training program offers a thorough overview of the Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage (STO) process.  To make the best business decisions in preparation, it is important to understand what stakeholder demands are. The most successful STO’s are those projects that thoroughly understand what influences the organization.  These influences are usually a mixture of both internal and external factors.

With the combined impact both positively and negatively on the business and operations, STO’s gets the attention of high-level management.  In some instances, the value of lost production potentially has greater consequences financially than the actual direct costs of the shutdown.

This highly interactive course is designed to provide a training environment that maximizes the interaction between attendees and the facilitator.  Attendees will complete and review daily exercises designed to enhance and reinforce knowledge retention and provide the best opportunity for planning, scheduling, and executing a successful STO.

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