Unlock Your Hidden Capacity

We identify opportunities to close performance gaps for the organization.

  • Performance Assessments

Continuous Improvement

It has become necessary for organizations to continuously improve and remain competitive therefore, facilities and operations must provide expectations in terms of operational and maintenance execution and excellence.

  • Invest In Your Staff

In-House Coaching/Training

AMG International Consulting uses a variety of techniques and applications to help recipients acquire, retain, and apply knowledge and skills.

  • Process Optimization

Change Management

Process optimization inevitably causes organizational change, which if not well planned can easily become an organization-wide disaster.

Some Clients We Have Worked With

Serving the manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation & freight, food & beverage, and consumer goods industries.

We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

We assist with process improvements that “lean” out the non-value activities that contribute to underutilization and inefficiencies. We achieve success together by developing strategies with supporting structure, managing, and execution that ensures not only competence, but sustainability.

We boost our clients to get more sales

“We revised work processes, reduced inventory, organized the storeroom, and implemented best practices within 4 weeks with Andy’s help. Could not have achieved this in years without Andy’s help!”

Plant Manager

Food & Beverage Industry

Let’s Make Things Happen

We clearly understand the importance of inclusion from top down and bottom up when establishing organizational objectives and improvements.

“The training was well defined. The content was related to our current state, and course was interesting, and interactive. The instructor was knowledgeable and has great experience and covered all our questions in detail and used examples to reinforce!”

VP of Manufacturing

Manufacturing Industry