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Professional Consultants and Facilitators with over 20 years partnering with organizations in achieving strategic objectives and goals.

We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

A comprehensive operations strategy is a critical element to driving business success.

AMG International provides current state assessments to identify areas that are functioning as required and gaps in performance.

When working and executing in harmony, Operations & Maintenance should have a significant impact and benefit across the organization.

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We offer practical techniques that can be immediately applied; Dynamic, high-energy coach/facilitator; and Interactive exercises and practice sessions (application).


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Partnering with organizations in achieving strategic objectives and goals.

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Serving the manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation & freight, food & beverage, and consumer goods industries.

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We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

Every business process matters. Your organization can only reach its full potential when all your processes are as efficient and effective as they can be.

Detailed Process Performance Assessment, Gap Analysis, & Recommendations

It has become necessary for organizations to continuously improve and remain competitive therefore, facilities and operations must provide expectations in terms of operational and maintenance execution and excellence.

Coaching/Training Facilitator

Participants are introduced to content (theory), examples, case studies, that leads to asking questions that fosters discussions which promotes and enhances the experience for the learners and ensures not only teachings but competency.

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“Learning from the most experienced instructor, delivering decades of not only theory but application was a joy!”

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Oil & Gas Industry

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